Dinner Bento-Box Special

Served with Soup or Salad and Sushi bar snack
Pick one From Kitchen Bar and one choice of Roll




**CHOOSE 1**

Sweet Potato : (5) Tempura
Yakitori :
Teriyaki chicken & scallion
Shrimp Dumplings :
(5) Steamed dumplings
Age Tofu :
Fried tofu with ginner & scallions
Gyoza :
(5) Dumplings served with Gyoza sauce
Vegetables :
Tempura Appetizer : (3) Shrimp & Vegetable
Chicken Katsu : Japanese Style Katsu

Sushi Bar

**CHOOSE 1**

Sushi (Chef’s Choice) (5) or Sashimi (Chef’s Choice) (6)

Choices of Regular Roll

**CHOOSE 1**

Tuna Roll Spicy Tuna
Tuna California Spicy Krab Roll
Salmon Roll JB Roll
(Salmon ,Cream cheese ,scall)
Salmon skin Salmon California
Eel Cucumber Roll Shrimp Tempura Roll
(Avo ,Cucumber)
Vegetable Roll Dynamite Roll
California Roll

Changes for substitutions may apply

Management accepts no responsibility for any side effects. If you allergic to any ingredient, please let us know before you order. We cannot list every ingredient in all full descriptions

Consuming raw under cooked foods may increase your risk of food-borne illness